TikTok is still obsessed with proffee but I found a better protein coffee option for weight loss

Want to add protein to your coffee but don't need the extra calories? I've got an idea

Collagen coffee is a low-calorie proffee alternative that contains loads of protein
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TikTok is chock-full of bogus health and fitness trends brought to you by people who know nothing about either of these things. Some of these trends, such as proffee, make their way to mainstream media for one reason or another. And while proffee is not necessarily a bad idea, it tends to contain quite a few calories, so it's not ideal for weight loss. Fear not, as I have an alternative option that is.

What is proffee? It's a cold drink made of coffee (single or double espresso), protein powder and milk or milk substitute. It's not a bad drink, but admittedly, it's not a diet beverage either. Not to mention, it's a cold drink, and since the weather has turned for the worse, at least in the UK, I don't think many people want to chug an icy drink now when waiting for the bus in the morning.

If you fancy something hotter that can still give you that caffeine kick with a side serving of protein, try collagen coffee.

person enjoying a hot coffee on a seemingly cold day: could it be collagen coffee?

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Why collagen? You might have heard of collagen being used in beauty products but what you might have missed is the fact that collagen is also the most abundant protein in your body. Better still, it has a neutral taste, so if you happen to add collagen supplements to drinks, it won't affect the taste. 

People have been experimenting with adding collagen supplements to their coffee before, but there were concerns about the heat destroying the protein in collagen. However, according to Healthline, "as long as your coffee is below 302ºF (150ºC) when you add your collagen supplement, the quality of the powder is unlikely to be affected."

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But wait, I have an even better idea! Instead of fiddling around with mixing collagen supplements with coffee, you can buy straight-up collagen coffee, such as the one Bulk sells. It's a pre-mixed powder that works just like any ol' instant coffee and mixes really well with hot water.

It has 18 grams of protein in a 25-gram serving, only a gram of fat and 2.5 grams of carbs. Perfect if you're on a keto diet! Not so much for intermittent fasting, at least when you're fasting (bulk's collagen coffee has around 95 kcal per serving). Feel free to drink it when you aren't fasting, though.

You can buy collagen coffee in the US too, here is a selection at Amazon US. You might need an electric kettle to boil the water for your collagen coffee. If you prefer regular coffee over the collagen version, check out T3's best coffee maker guide for reference.

Matt Kollat
Matt Kollat

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