This is the Xbox One X, the most powerful 4K and HDR console ever made

It’s official, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is coming as the Xbox One X

Microsoft has taken to E3 2017 to reveal its next console, previously rumoured as Project Scorpio, this will be called the Xbox One X.

Microsoft has not only revealed the next generation super powerful console but has also released its price and release date. The Microsoft Xbox One X will be available from 7 November this year and will cost £449.

Whoa, that’s the most expensive console ever - we hear you say. You’re quite right. But there’s a reason. Despite the Xbox One X being smaller than the current Xbox One S - which will stay on sale - this is far, far more powerful.

For one thing the Xbox One X has a 4K UHD and HDR Blu-ray player built in, so it’s already got one up on Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Then you get down to the raw power. 

Xbox One X specs and details

The Xbox One X comes sporting eight custom x86 cores clocked in at 2.3GHz. The graphics chip also offers heaps of power thanks to a 6 teraflops unit clocked at 1.172GHz and backed by 12GB/s of GDDR5 memory. Even the memory bandwidth is staggering at 326GB/s. As we mentioned this is also smaller than previous consoles thank to a liquid-cooled vapour chamber.

All that means 4K and HDR playback at 60fps, Dolby Atmos sound and a wide colour gamut for seriously stunning gaming and movies. 

Thankfully the Xbox One X will also be backwards compatible meaning your current controllers and games, some of which get upscaled, will work with it just fine - a good thing when you consider the price of this beast.

Here’s hoping the Xbox One X doesn’t sell out right away when it goes on sale later this year on 7 November despite that £449 price.

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