Burn calories fast and strengthen your entire body with this fun kickboxing workout

It'll work your upper body, lower body and your core

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Love HIIT, but want to switch up your full-body workouts? This at-home kick-boxing routine is perfect! It will get your heart pumping and your arms and legs working, all while burning calories fast. We guarantee it will be completely different to your regular HIIT workout and the other good news is it only takes 20 minutes. So, grab your boxing gloves and get ready!

If you’re wondering if boxing is an effective way to lose weight, well, it is, as it’s very high intensity. One study, which looked at a group of obese men and women who took part in either HIIT boxing or brisk walking four times a week, over 12 weeks, found that those who did boxing lost more fat and improved cardiovascular levels than those who walked. It’s also suitable for all fitness levels, a great stress reliever and pretty fun too.

For this workout you'll be doing each exercise for 40 seconds. Unlike with regular HIIT workouts though, where you get a short rest period after each exercise, or a cluster of exercises, your break for this will be halfway through the workout. Don’t let that panic you though, as it’s very beginner-friendly and it really depends on how much you want to push yourself. If you find it too easy, you could always purchase a light pair of dumbbells to use. Ready to get going? Here’s your workout:

  • Uppercut and hooks 
  • Straight and uppercut
  • Straight and hooks
  • Hooks and uppercut

2 rounds on each side

  • Front lateral kicks
  • Front leg kick
  • Knee kick

[60 seconds rest]

2 rounds (don't do each side separately, do simultaneously)

  • Squats and straight punches
  • Lateral kicks and hooks
  • Front kicks and upper cuts
  • Knee kicks and straight punches
  • Squats and front kicks
  • Lateral kick and knee kick

We really hope you enjoyed that workout and that you found it a little more exciting from your standard HIIT session. If you want to do more boxing, why not get a punch bag to go alongside your boxing gloves? Ideal for throwing your punches and kicks on if you don't have anyone at home to hold any boxing pads. If weight loss is your goal then take a look at the best boxing workout for weightloss and think about investing in a fitness tracker, so that you can keep track of how many calories you burn.

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