This Bremont and Bamford watch puts the Northern Lights on your wrist

Bremont and Bamford unveil a new watch collaboration inspired by the Northern Lights

Bremont Bamford Aurora
(Image credit: Bremont)

Bremont and Bamford Watch Department have collaborated on a new watch, inspired by the Northern Lights. The Aurora is a limited edition Supermarine GMT watch with a bright green colourway and glow-in-the-dark features

The Bremont Bamford Aurora is available for £4,900 and limited to 500 pieces.

Bremont and Bamford Watch Department have just unveiled a new limited edition collaboration, dubbed the Bremont Bamford Aurora. Inspired by the Northern Lights, the Aurora perfectly captures the colour and vibrancy of the natural light display and is a captivating combination of black and vibrant green colours.

The new Aurora marks yet another occasion that these two best watch brands have collaborated on a limited edition timepiece. Inspired by the spirit and adventure found in chasing the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, the Aurora is based on the popular Submarine watch design that’s built to explore the oceans and improve divers’ performances.

As expected by the name and inspiration, the Bremont Bamford Aurora has many luminescent features, including its vibrant green colourway. The 43mm black DLC-coated case has been illuminated with green emission Super-LumiNova for an intense pop of colour and visibility in the dark. The green is also featured around the 24-hour bezel in a solid half circle and in cut-out numerals, and on the dial.

The dial of the Bremont Bamford Aurora has a California sandwich design, where the top half shows off Roman numerals while the bottom half has standard numbering. The green Super-LumiNova highlights the numerals, the triangle and stripe accents that mark the hours of 12, 3, 6 and 9, and the hour and minute hands. For contrast, the background of the dial is in matt black.

Bremont Bamford Aurora

(Image credit: Bremont)

The Bremont Bamford Aurora is a GMT watch, making it perfect for frequent travelers and for those who like to keep the time for multiple time zones. The watch is powered by the Modified Calibre 11 ½”’ BE-93-2AV chronometer rated movement, which offers 28,800 beats per hour and a 50-hour power reserve.

The Aurora by Bremont and Bamford is complete with a black nubuck leather strap with green stitching, and the DLC-coated decorated case-back showcases all the details of the watch around the outside of the design. As a limited edition watch, the Bremont Bamford Aurora is priced at £4,900 and is limited to just 500 pieces.

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