These smart cycling glasses will track your stats while you're riding

The crowdfunded specs are even being used by the US Olympic Cycling team

Ever wanted to head out on a cycle and keep of your stats without having to have a glance at your smartphone? Well, these new smart glasses from Solos will do just that, keeping you up to date on those all important stats without ever needing to glance at anything other than the road ahead.

Currently looking for funding on Kickstarter (where it's about to meet its $50,000 target with over a month left on its campaign), the Solos Smart Cycling Glasses with Heads Up Micro-Display uses augmented reality to provide information such as cadence, speed, heart rate, calories, elevation and power zones.

Better yet, Solos Wearables has designed the glasses to work with some of the most popular riding apps currently on the market including Map My Ride, Strava and Training Peaks. So whether you're a casual rider or professional cyclist, the Solos is an ideal way to track your progress on a ride.

The Solus has already proved popular in the cycling industry, so much so that the US Olympic Cycling team has been using them to train and will be taking a set to continue said training in Rio. So if you ever needed a professional vote of confidence, then this one should convince you.

If you're quick, you can get in the on the Kickstarter Early Bird deal and grab the Solos for $250 (with shipping planned for October 2016).

Via: Kickstarter

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