These high-tech luxury dog beds are perfect for your four-legged friends

It turns out memory foam isn’t just for us humans, as this orthopaedic dog bed proves

These high-tech luxury dog beds are perfect for your four-legged friends
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Barely a day goes by when we don’t see an advert for one of those mattresses in a box pop up on our social media feeds. But did you know that you can get something similar for your canine companion, too?

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury dog bed for your pooch, then an orthopaedic dog bed which uses memory foam materials can not only provide the ultimate in comfort, but can also help with certain medical conditions too. Fancy. 

The Dog’s Bed Orthopaedic brand is available in a range of different sizes - to match the size of your dog - but also a range of different colours, patterns and designs - to match the decor in your home.

It has a high-density orthopaedic memory foam over a solid 10cm base of high-stability premium support. If you’ve got a dog from a breed which is predisposed to joint conditions, a bed like this keep help them remain mobile into their older years, keeping them healthy and active for longer.

If you’ve got a dog which already has a condition - such as hip dysplasia, arthritis or torn ligaments, the high-tech material can provide effective management of pain and provide comfort when they need it most. 

On top of all that, the bed comes with removable push covers that aid transmission of your dog’s body heat to the mattress. Further good news is that they are easy to wash, quick to dry and come complete with a waterproof mattress protector, which will help with any accidents that might be associated with older age dogs. 

Replacement covers can also be picked up, which are great for ensuring you always have one to use, and one to wash - or if you just fancy a change in style.

You can buy The Dog’s Bed Orthopaedic memory foam dog bed from Amazon.

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