These affordable eco-friendly headphones would make a great Christmas gift

Made from sustainable materials, the House of Marley Rebel wireless earbuds are eco-conscious and they sound great too

House of Marley Rebel Christmas gift ideas
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It isn't easy to make more sustainable choices when it comes to buying gifts to give to loved ones at Christmas, especially when there's something that you know they need or want, like a new pair of headphones. 

One audio brand, House of Marley, solves that problem. They offer everything from speakers and headphones to turntables, but all of their products are made from sustainable materials like bamboo, recyclable aluminium and fabric created using organic cotton, recycled plastics and reclaimed hemp.

If you're looking to buy a friend or family member a new pair of true wireless headphones then the House of Marley Rebel wireless earbuds are my top pick from their product range. 

While the materials used to make them are obviously one of their biggest selling points, they actually have a lot more going for them outside of that as well, which is what earned the House of Marley Rebel headphones their place as some of the best true wireless earbuds you can buy. 

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Why the House of Marley Rebel wireless earbuds are a great Christmas gift 

House of Marley Rebel Christmas gift ideas

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Not only are the House of Marley Rebel wireless earbuds made from sustainable materials but they're good-looking too. You can choose to buy them in black or white with hints of bamboo across the outside. 

The buds themselves are similar in design to Apple AirPods Pro with a dangling stem and three sizes of silicone tips to fit them to your ears. Despite the materials used they still feel premium and sturdy to the touch, and they’re water-resistant too. 

You get about 30 hours of battery life stored in the matching charging case, while the earbuds themselves will last about 8 hours at a time. That’s pretty good going, and they even support wireless charging. 

The sound performance hasn’t been affected by the use of materials either, you’re guaranteed balanced audio that comes across clearly and loudly whatever type of music you’re into. There are two preset equaliser modes to switch between as well, depending on how you prefer your music to sound. 

You'll even be able to use them for your phone calls, thanks to the built-in microphones which make you sound loud and clear to the person on the other end. 

Admittedly, you can find wireless earbuds that sound even better with even more battery life and even more features, but if you’re looking for more eco-conscious gifts to give for Christmas this year then the House of Marley Rebel wireless earbuds are well worth considering and they're decent headphones outside of that too. You can read more about them in T3’s House of Marley Rebel review

House of Marley Rebel Christmas gift ideas

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House of Marley Rebel: price and availability  

Want to know the best part? The House of Marley Rebel wireless earbuds are affordable and will only set you back about £100 in the UK, $130 in the US and AU$200 in Australia. 

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