The Xiaomi S1 Pro looks like an Apple Watch killer

It's a Swiss watch fans dream – and it has a fantastic battery life!

The Xiaomi S1 Pro smartwatch with a moonphase dial
(Image credit: SnoopyTech)

When it comes to the best smartwatches, the Apple Watch is the name on everyone's lips. From the budget-friendly Apple Watch SE to the extreme-capable Apple Watch Ultra, the brand have a firm grip on the wearables market.

That doesn't mean they're free from issues, though. I've personally used an Apple Watch SE for years, and I'm constantly pained by the sub-par battery life. Even the flagship Apple Watch Series 8 can't muster a full 24 hours of battery life, which is pitiful – particularly when other brands are able to give weeks of life from a single charge.

Which is why I'm personally thrilled to read the leaks about the Xiaomi S1 Pro, which is reportedly set for a global release. The leaks come from SnoopyTech, who has a brilliant track record of releasing products just before they're officially unveiled.

Snoopy shared a quartet of images of the watch in two different colours, as well as a low down of the key specs. Check out the gallery below to see the Xiaomi S1 Pro in all its glory.

The specs are all what you'd expect from a premium smartwatch. There's a 5ATM water resistance rating, a 480x480 AMOLED display, pulse and SP02 monitors, and 100 fitness modes built in. It will work equally well with iOS and Android devices, too.

The watch itself looks stunning – it's svelte and unassuming, with the class of a real luxury timepiece. That's helped, no doubt, by the watch face chosen for these images – a four complication moonphase dial that just oozes class.

But the crowning glory of the whole thing is the battery life. It shines like the holy grail in a heaven sent light beam – 14 days. Two whole weeks of battery life from a single charge, thanks to the 500mAh battery housed inside.

And for me, that's why this watch is shaping up to be a day one purchase. Very few smartwatches strike the balance between form and function. Even fewer do it with a decent battery life. If these rumours prove true, Xiaomi will have done all three.

Sam Cross
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