The Samsung Galaxy S23 display is saving you energy

The new panel is around 13-16% more energy efficient than its predecessor – which should mean better battery life

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(Image credit: Samsung)

In the modern world, energy saving is no joke. Whether you're keen on the financial benefits, or just fancy saving the polar bears, energy conservation is a topic that is on everyone's lips.

Clearly, Samsung got the memo. When they released the Samsung Galaxy S23 range, many criticised them for using the same screen found on its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S22. That's proven untrue, though, as popular Samsung aficionado and tech tipster, Ice Universe, has testified.

Ice posted a diagram relating to the display, with the caption, "The Galaxy S23 series uses new OLED luminescent materials, [resulting in a] 13% - 16% reduction in power consumption."

According to a translated version of the diagram found in the comments, the new panel increases the efficiency with which electrons can reach the organic layer, reducing the power consumption and increasing brightness. The result is a screen which uses less power than previous models.

That's great for your battery life. The display is one of the most power hungry parts of a smartphone, so any increases in efficiency will be felt across the board. Combined with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor which powers the device, battery life on the Galaxy S23 range should be better than ever.

It's another big tick for the new Android phone. The S23 range picks up a lot of flak from critics who call it a re-badged variant of its predecessor, but this is further proof of just how unfounded those claims are. Sure, the design may be similarly themed, but that is really nothing new.

Where it counts, the S23 range has made a series of calculated upgrades which significantly boost the usability of the handset. This upgrade to the display efficiency is just another example of that.

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