The Renault 4 is back, as a go-anywhere electric crossover concept

Paris motor show concept will morph into a production-ready crossover in 2025

renault 4ever concept electric car
(Image credit: Renault)

Renault has revealed a new electric car concept, called the 4EVER Trophy.

Complete with chunky off-road tyres and sand ladders for extricating itself from a dune, the concept car celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Renault 4 Trophy that took part in a rally across the Moroccan desert.

And while it’s unlikely that such a car will ever actually go into production, Renault says much of the body and glasshouse is very close to what will eventually be an electric crossover called the 4.

To sit above the upcoming Renault 5 – another nostalgic nod to the French company’s back catalogue, but with modern electric power, due in 2023 – the Renault 4 is set to arrive in 2025 and will be larger than the 5. The two car’s will share the same CMF-BEV electric architecture.

Renault 4ever electric concept car

(Image credit: Renault)

The concept car is 4060mm long and has a wheelbase of 2570mm, putting it between Renault’s existing Captur and Clio vehicles. A production version is due to be revealed next year.

Renault says the concept vehicle has a 42 kWh battery pack fitted in the floor, and range is a potential 250 miles from a charge – although it is worth bearing in mind that this is a concept and such figures won’t be locked in until the production version is ready.

A single motor is fitted to the front axle and produces 134 bhp, while Renault says the 0-62 mph (100km/h) time will be under nine seconds.

It isn’t known yet if sister brand Alpine will get its hands on the reborn Renault 4 and create a more potent version, as it has plans to do with the smaller Renault 5.

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