The Nocs Monolith x Aluminium is a speaker with sustainability at heart

"Timelessness is paramount to me," says brand's head of design, Daniel Alm

The Nocs Monolith x Aluminium on a black background
(Image credit: Nocs)
Quick Summary

Swedish brand Nocs has just unveiled its new Monnolith Aluminium speaker.

The design strips away all unnecessary single use material, ensuring every piece can be replaced.

If you're in the market for a great speaker, there are probably two main things which are of importance to you. First is fairly obvious – you're going to want something which sounds great.

But it's also really important to find a good looking device. After all, you want something which blends into your home environment, without standing out or looking unsightly, to allow you to listen whenever is convenient.

When we're talking about stellar, modern design language, we need to mention the Nocs Monolith. Designed with minimalism at heart, the Monolith does away with absolutely everything that is unnecessary. There's not even a logo to mar the perfect symmetry.

Now, a similar approach has been taken inside the device. Stripping away single-use materials, the Monolith Aluminium is designed with the future of the planet in mind. Every part in the speaker is replaceable, and is designed for a lifetime of use.

Don't think that will impact the sound, though. The team at Nocs test and tune these speakers to ensure the kind of top notch sound quality users have come to expect. In fact, the brand state that every detail contributes to the overall sound quality.

That sound profile is said to be balanced and immersive. The brand partner with a range of different musicians, artists and DJs, each of whom bring their knowledge of sound to the user experience.

The device can be pre-ordered right now, and comes in two colours – Natural Silver and Matte Black. Shipping isn't expected until November, though, so be prepared to wait a little to get your hands – and ears – on this. Still, it'll make a nice early Christmas present.

Priced at £850 or $1,000, the Monolith Aluminium looks set to be a really smart addition to your home. For reference, that's almost half the cost of the current Monolith model, making this a stylish, affordable entry into the wonderful world of Nocs.

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