The new Jura Z10 in blue brings a touch of class to your morning coffee

Jura's five-star coffee machine is the most high-tech bean-to-cup machine we've ever tried, and now it's available in a classy new colour

Jura Z10 in midnight blue 2024
(Image credit: Jura)

There are good coffee makers. There are great coffee makers. And there are the best coffee makers. Jura's luxury coffee machines are a regular visitor to our best-buy guides, and the Jura Z10 is one of the best coffee makers we've ever reviewed. And now there's a new colour option, Aluminium Midnight Blue, which I reckon makes it look even more desirable.

With the exception of the colour, the core machine hasn't changed – and that's a good thing, because when we reviewed it at launch we loved the coffee and cold brew that it made. The brews were so good we gave the Z10 the full five stars.

I really like this new colour option: when you look at the coffee machines out there there's an awful lot of metal (or plastic made to look like it) and an awful lot of black. The Midnight Blue stands out from the crowd as a result, and from a purely practical point of view it's a finish that should be easier to keep clean than bare metal. If like me you have a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances you'll know the pain of keeping them sparkling.

Jura Z10 coffee maker: key features and price

This is a fully automated bean-to-cup coffee machine capable of both hot and cold drinks. It's controlled via a 4.3-inch touch screen and a rotary controller, and there's Wi-Fi built ino so you can control it remotely and connect accessories such as the Cool Control, Jura's optional milk chiller.

The Z10 delivers more than 30 different coffee variations, and its clever grinder not only grinds beans but recognises the kind of coffee you're grinding for and adjusts the settings accordingly.

As we wrote in our review, "it does a great job of producing thick, inky black espresso with an enticing layer of caramel-coloured crema on top, time after time. Plus, it goes beyond this with the ability to make more drinks than I even realised existed."

The other thing that hasn't changed is the price. Like the current Z10, the new Jura Z10 in Aluminium Midnight Blue has a recommended retail price of £2,750. 

Carrie Marshall

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