The Mink-E is the world's first towable camper that charges from your EV

It weighs just 510g, but it is fully kitted-out with lights, heating and a kitchen

Mink E EV Camper
(Image credit: Mink)

It is interesting to see that Mink, the Icelandic funky camper brand, doesn’t once mention the word "caravan" in the press release for its upcoming Mink-E model. 

Perhaps that’s because it considers caravans uncool? Or because being sat behind one on a country road is up there with the most annoying things on the planet.

Whatever the reason, its Mink-E is most definitely a "camper", but this is no ordinary wilderness lodging on wheels. Unlike other campers (or caravans) that rely on diesel heating and gas for cooking, the Mink-E is powered by electricity, which can be charged through its EV charging socket.

That means that if you own an EV with vehicle-to-load capacity, like the current Kia EV6, you can effectively run the entire Mink-E set-up completely off-grid, for as long as the camper and EV’s batteries hold out.

Mink E EV Camper

(Image credit: Mink)

Weighing just 510kg, the Mink-E teardrop camper is also exceptionally light, meaning it can be towed by a huge range of electric vehicles. Regardless, the Icelandic company - first formed in 2015 - hasn’t scrimped on the interior luxuries.

There is space to comfortably sleep two in a compact double bed, complete with luxury Queen-size Scandinavian mattress, while there’s also a canvas bunk bed that’s perfect for kids. 

Sleeping out under the stars has also never been better, thanks to a panoramic skylight and large round side windows. Although the build has been designed to withstand the worst of the Icelandic weather. The walls are 30 mm thick and made out of high-quality, fused ABS plastics and insulated with 19 mm Armaflex, a highly thermo-insulating material.

Mink E EV Camper

(Image credit: Mink)

When it gets too cold, it’s time to flick on the powerful Webasto heating system, which sees warm air flow into the cabin and underneath the luxury mattress. It runs off electricity, as does the kitchen that comes complete with an illuminated 36L ice chest for cold drinks, as well as 12V and a 220V sockets for powering items or charging tech. Because, you know, Instagram won't update itself.

Instead of using gas bottles, as many traditional campers and caravans do, the Mink-E features an induction stove in the kitchen, as well as solar panels on the roof that help keep the on-board battery packs topped up.

Alas, you’ll need deep pockets to camp with a clear eco-conscience, as the Mink-E costs £25,328 and is currently only on sale in the UK, Iceland and select European territories.

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