The iPhone "wedding dress" photo is the freakiest thing you'll see all day

If you thought Photoshop nightmares were bad...

iPhone Wedding Dress photo
(Image credit: Tessa Coates)

Remember The Dress – the blue black/white gold dress that became a viral sensation  in 2015? Well, that's got nothing on the latest photo to sweep the 'net.

Comedienne Tessa Coates has posted a photo taken using an iPhone when she went to try on a wedding dress and if you look closely, it'll blow your mind. She was stood in the middle of a couple of mirrors and, in each one, her hands are in a different position.

As Coates says herself on Instagram: "I went wedding dress shopping and the fabric of reality crumbled. This is a real photo, not Photoshopped, not a pano, not a Live Photo. If you can’t see the problem, please keep looking and then you won’t be able to unsee it."

She also calls it a glitch in the Matrix.

The issue, it seems, is with the way the iPhone (and other modern smartphones, most likely) take pictures. The lenses and sensors are only one small part of the technology these days, with software handling a lot of the heavy lifting and, in this case, it simply got it wrong.

Coates is said to have been moving when the photo was taken, and the phone didn't realise that there were mirrors in the shot. It thought there were three different people so handled each separately, assessing the best version of each "person" and essentially stitching them together for the final, single image.

That's why her arms (which were moving the most) appear in three different positions.

As Engadget has posted, it's actually something you can recreate yourself as it's a trait of modern smartphone camera systems. We usually benefit greatly from software (AI) assessing the best version of an image as the one to use, but it can also come up with some anomalies, like this.

Still, it's a great talking point and, as well as enjoy what's a big, exciting event to come, Coates has also unwittingly taken one of the freakiest viral images to hit the internet in ages.

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