The Endeavor BOD snowboard offers the ultimate all-mountain ride

We take a closer look at a brilliant snowboard from Endeavor, the Canadian snowboard brand created by snowboarders, for snowboarders

Endeavor BOD
(Image credit: Endeavor)

The Endeavor BOD (short for Board of Directors, but don’t ask us why) is a brilliant all-mountain board packed with features which we’d love to see more of – which is why it's sitting right at the top of our best snowboards guide right now. It’s also a board which makes huge claims– the hat trick of bounce, float and grip which is often promised, but rarely delivered. 

But the difference with the BOD is its truly innovative design, starting with what’s known as a 3D camber. In a nutshell, the base and edges surrounding the contact points on the base have been bevelled slightly upwards, giving this board the ability to glide effortlessly over both powder and piste. Its shape is a godsend for riders who love busting out a trick or two – the convex nose and tail, partnered with this ultra-precise bevelling, means riders will be less likely to catch edges on rails and jumps.

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Endeavor BOD

(Image credit: Endeavor)

Another reason we love it? It’s a board you can ride all day, thanks to urethane sidewalls – urethane is a much better shock absorber than ABS, which is often found on cheaper boards. We also love the way in which the sidewalls have been fused to the wooden core, minimising the risk of delamination (rail-sliders in particular will love this feature) and giving natural flex for a smoother, silkier ride.

Equally impressive is the sizing. In recent years there’s been a shift away from men’s and women’s boards, and towards unisex boards with a wider range of sizes, and the Endeavor is proof that this approach works. There are a couple of extra-wide options, too. When it comes to ability level, this is a board best suited to intermediate and advanced riders, but confident beginners also will love riding the BOD – it’s easier to handle than many beginner boards, and its durable, top quality construction means minimal maintenance.

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