The Canon PowerShot PX is the perfect Father’s Day gift – here’s why

Capture candid moments and treasured memories whilst staying present with the Canon PowerShot PX

Canon Powershot PX
(Image credit: Canon)

If you’re searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift, let us introduce you to the Canon PowerShot PX. This pepper pot-shaped device is described as its brand’s first ‘smart camera’ and is designed, primarily, for families. The aim is to completely transform picture taking in the home – you can leave the PowerShot PX to do the job of taking photos, which frees everyone else up to celebrate family events, snaffle sausage rolls at parties, and generally live in the moment.

As gadget lovers, we adore this innovative camera, which, once switched on, can be placed anywhere around the home to take candid shots of everyday moments. The compact PowerShot PX uses an algorithm to follow the action and frame subjects intelligently, then capture natural expressions and reactions. 

If you’re using the PowerShot PX to capture moments of family life, you can customise automatic shooting settings and select familiar faces within the app to increase priority when shooting. 

If there’s a specific moment you want to capture, then you can use the camera’s voice command capabilities for complete hands-free control. This can be useful in a number of different scenarios, from parties and everyday family memories to recording one-off milestones such as your child’s first steps. It really is the perfect complement to a photographer’s existing camera. 

To make it even more useful, thanks to the simple yet portable design and USB-C charging, the compact PowerShot PX can go anywhere.

Canon Powershot PX

(Image credit: Canon)

The PowerShot PX’s specs are no slouch either: it can automatically capture 11.7-megapixel images and Full HD videos at a cinematic 60 frames per second. Its 19-57mm focal length range and flexible pan-and-tilt zoom lens offers a broad field of view of 340˚ horizontally and 110˚ vertically to follow the action, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so it can communicate with smartphones and tablets. 

When it comes to getting pictures from the PowerShot PX, you can look back on a digital scrapbook of memories in the iOS and Android app. If you’re unsure which image is best, the app will even give you recommendations on the strongest shots to keep. These cherished photos and videos are then stored on a memory card for easy upload to a computer. 

The app will also allow you to manually control the camera. You can compose the perfect shot and capture images from a distance, all without the need to run back and forth to check the device. This is perfect if you’re trying to take a family photo – there’s no more hiding behind the camera or setting the timer and hoping the final image turns out well.

Oh, and if you need another reason to buy the PowerShot PX, it can also double as a webcam with the use of the PC webcam utility app.

Ultimately, though, if you’re buying the Canon PowerShot PX for Father’s Day, you’re not buying a camera or webcam, you’re buying the ability to capture candid shots and treasured memories whilst staying in the moment.

Buy the Canon PowerShot PX at John Lewis today.

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