The best LG soundbars suddenly sound more appealing, as 2024 range revealed

LG's new S95TR, SG10TY and S70TY soundbars are designed to 'seamlessly complement LG TVs' from 2024 onwards

LG OLED G4 soundbar S95TR
(Image credit: LG)

When it comes to the best soundbars for LG TVs, LG is the king of at its own game – producing some stellar sonic setups that take TV audio to the next level. Before this year has even ended, LG has already revealed its 2024 best soundbars line-up, which makes the company's range suddenly sound even more appealing.

It's an interesting move, as we're fully expecting LG to go big in January when the world's largest technology show, CES 2024, is underway. That's the Korean brand's preferred platform for launching its best TVs in particular – or, at the very least, where it likes to show-off already-announced models in incredible fashion – so many of these 2024 soundbars will surely be optimised for those yet-to-be-announced panels. 

In summary the LG 2024 soundbar range is topped by the S95TR, which replaces the earlier 5-star-awarded S95QR model, delivering a full soundbar plus subwoofer plus wireless rears package with 810W across its 15 channels of output (five up-firing, including the first centre up-firing speaker). Below that is the S90TY, which replaces the S90QY and doesn't include wireless rears in the box. 

LG S95TR soundbar

(Image credit: LG)

Then there's the SG10TY, which is cited as the "perfect audio and visual companion to LG’s premium OLED TVs" – it's not for the LG OLED C3 (or its would-be replacement) as there's the SC9S for that job. Therefore it sounds like a model designed for the current LG OLED M3 wireless TV (and its would-be replacement) and the next-gen G series wall-mount model (the OLED G3's likely replacement)

Why do I think that? Because the SG10TY adds LG's WOWCast (as does the S95TR model), meaning it can wirelessly receive Dolby Atmos object-based audio data in uncompressed fashion. That means no HDMI required, no HDMI eARC even, and the main need for that would be to wirelessly connect both TV and soundbar without the need for additional wires. Wow? I reckon so.

There's more further down the range, too, if you're seeking a simpler soundbar setup: comprising S70TR, S70TY (specifically for LG QNED model integration) at the higher end; S60TR and S60TY in the mid-level; and S40T and S20T as the lower-end product. Expect less power, fewer channels and features as the range scales down into the more affordable end of the market. 

No final word on pricing or availability for any of those models just yet, but I suspect that when CES 2024 is in full swing that we'll see these 'bars complementing LG's brand new TVs, to first get us excited about their performance before dropping the price demand bombshell...

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