The best Garmin dash cam Black Friday deals

Garmin has a dash cam for everyone, so see if you can save with these Garmin dash cam deals

Garnin dash cam Black Friday deals
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You can expect Garmin's dash cams to be smart, compact, and powerful. The range varies from the mighty Dash Cam Mini to the super-smart 66W, which offers 1440p quality filming. 

In previous sales, Garmin has knocked around £40 off the price of its more expensive cameras, which means there are some great deals to be had. Why not scroll down to see what offers it has on some of its popular cameras. 

Dash cam's are becoming increasingly popular, largely down to the fact that the footage recorded can be used in insurance claims and police reports. For commercial fleets, they can also be used to monitor driver behaviour. 

Garmin has four dash cam cameras on offer. At the cheaper end of the spectrum is the Dash Cam Mini, a subtle device that's roughly the same size as a car key. You can usually get hold of one for less than £100, yet it still records in full HD and offers a 140 degree field of view. 

Mid-range, you have the Dash Cam 56, which is the cheapest Garmin dash cam that offers the ultra HD 1440p recording quality. However, if you're looking for Garmin's most advanced dash cam, without Black Friday deals, you'd be looking at paying out almost £200. 

It's £200 well-spent, though. For the price, you get 1440p recording quality, voice control, plus an impressive 180 degree field of view. 

Check out the best of the Garmin dash cam Black Friday deals below. 

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