The best coffee machine deals for April 2017

The best coffee machines, bean to cup leviathans, pod machines, frothers and grinders

The best coffee machine deals
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Espresso machines and bean to cup coffee makers are an absolutely classic thing to buy this time of the year, as they are so insanely overpriced at other times. 

The best deals on our favourite pod coffee makers

All of these make it incredibly easy to make perfect (or at least, very pleasant) coffee, from a compact and easy to clean device. These Nespresso, Illy and Lavazza pod models are all stylish and highly recommended by T3's resident caffeine fiends.

Best espresso and bean to cup machine deals

A big step up in terms of sophistication, these are for real coffee lovers of two types: real purists, who want to fine-tune the perfect cup every time, and people who want authentic coffee without making any effort whatsoever. 

The former would be well advised to try Sage's Barista Express or the Minipresso, while the latter should head straight for the chunkier, premium bean-to-cup machines.

Cheapest prices on drip coffee makers 

Something for everyone here, with a classic drip machine from De'Longhi to the Aerobie Aeropress, which can make superb coffee that's somewhere between drip and espresso. 

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