The best British Sci-fi show ever returns next month - with a difference

Get the theme tune ready

Dr Who
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Shows about time travel are as old as well... time. But there's only one that's had thirteen different actors play the same lead character Doctor Who. And now we know when the Fourteenth Doctor will make their debut- hang on. He looks familiar... 

That's right, to celebrate 60 years of our favourite Timelord, David Tennant is back in the TARDIS. I could not be more excited, especially as he will be teaming up with Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) once again. Worryingly, I've officially reached the age where my childhood is classed as nostalgic

But enough about me, if you don't have a TARDIS you need me to tell you when the three specials with the dream team will air, and strangely enough for Who fans, where. 

The first of the three specials is titled The Star Beast and will premiere on the 25th of November with two more to follow on the 2nd and 9th of December. Now, watching the trailer above you might notice one or two things usual, and I don't just mean Neil Patrick Harris as the villainous Toymaker. 

Most obviously, you'll see the Disney logo. As a Brit it's going to take some getting used to but Doctor Who is now a joint production between the BBC and Disney. But don't worry, in the UK and Ireland the specials will air on the BBC, while everywhere else can tune in via Disney+.  

The second interesting thing is the effects and production value. Doctor Who has never looked this good. That's likely helped by some Disney magic (and cash) and while the low-rent nature of Doctor Who was kind of part of the charm, it's time for me to grow up. At least I know the show is in safe hands with Russell T. Davies (who brought the show back in the first place) on writing duties once again. Something tells me you won't need a sonic screwdriver to fix this winning formula. 

Andy Sansom
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