The Beeb is finally getting in on the 360 video and virtual reality game

It's even created a test platform to see what kind of content takes off

It may have taken its time, but the BBC is finally getting involved in the 2016 VR craze. It's just announced a raft of new 'VR experiments' which include interactive experiences and 360 degree videos covering everything from spacewalks to war-torn diaries.

The BBC is using a new site and platform, BBC Taster, to give VR users a chance to try out a variety of new creative oddities and curiosities. There's the art house-esque Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel (which is available today to download for free on Oculus Rift) along with demo We Wait (also ready for Rift). There's also the Home - A VR Spacewalk (which has been designed for use with HTC Vive) and a special 'Trooping the Colour' 360 video to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday.

"BBC Taster means that we can test the technology and editorial potential of VR and 360 video, while measuring audience appetite for these experiences very quickly," reveals Andy Conroy, controller of BBC Research & Development. "Taster has showcased the work of teams from some of the BBC's best loved programmes and genres: Strictly Come Dancing, Natural History and BBC News have all had the 360 video treatment and been published for people to try, rate and share."

Of course, all of these are just pretty demos, but they do show the BBC has been quietly investing in the potential of VR content and where it might fit in the future output of the corporation. No news on any more demos, but we'd wager the BBC will produce more if interest gains enough traction. VR Top Gear anyone?

Via: BBC R&D

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