The 5 Xbox games I can't wait to play on my PS5

Is anything off the table now?

Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite Master Chief
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Gamers everywhere, it's time to start dreaming. A landmark moment in gaming is upon us with Microsoft confirming that it will start bringing exclusives to other platforms. 

With the announcement that Xbox will take four of its exclusives to other consoles soon, as well as promising new hardware, the floodgates have opened for silly season. Could we soon see some of Xbox's biggest titles on PlayStation 5? Whether as part of the initial four games or beyond, here are 5 titles I'd love to play on my PS5.  

1. Halo 

Halo's Master Chief

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This seems like the longest shot of all. For so long the Halo series has been among the most iconic titles on Xbox. Master Chief is basically Microsoft's Mario, and their most recognisable character since Clippy (the Windows paper clip). 

FPS games on the PS5 benefit greatly from using the DualSense controller's adaptive triggers and I'd love to see Halo's unique roster of weapons make the most of them. Imagine a Spartan Laser or Gravity Hammer with the haptic feedback too, it would give the weapons the gravitas they have always deserved. Plus, it could always be crossplay with Xbox and PC like many shooters are now anyway. 

2. Forza

Forza Horizon 5 desert

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Probably the second most obvious name PS5 fans would want. Yes Gran Turismo 7 is an exceptional racing game, but it's pretty much a straight sim, it doesn't have quite the sense of fun, nor the expansive open world of the Forza Horizon series. 

Forza Horizon 6 is expected by many to be releasing this year and why not make it a simultaneous release across PS5 and Xbox Series X? The last installment saw players racing through a gorgeous Mexican landscape together, so why not invite those on Sony's console too? 

3. Hi-Fi Rush 

From two of the biggest franchises in gaming to one that's just establishing itself. Hi-Fi Rush was one of the most unexpected (and best) releases of 2023. It's probably one of the 4 initial games hitting other platforms too. 

This is a rhtyhm action platformer/arena fighter that's a treat for both the ears and eyes. All of protaganist Chai's actions are done to the beat of the music, the best way to describe it would be Guitar Hero meets Devil May Cry and if that hasn't sold you I don't know what will.

4. Left 4 Dead 

Ok hear me out, I know there's no word on a Left 4 Dead 3 yet, but should there come a time when the co-op zombie shooter series gets a revival, I need to be able to play it on PlayStation

Growing up, Left 4 Dead 2 was the talk of the town and as someone who didn't own an Xbox, I could only enjoy it when visiting friends. Yes you can play its spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood, on PS5 but that game just doesn't scratch the same itch. Heck even if Valve continues to refuse to hate the number 3, I'd love a remake of Left 4 Dead 2 please and thank you. 

5. Sea of Thieves 

Sea of Thieves

(Image credit: Rare/Microsoft)

This is another title that I think could feasibly be in the four game first wave of former Xbox exclusives. 

A multiplayer focused Pirate 'em up, Sea of Thieves could be given new life with a swathe of new players from another platform. Run a tight ship of your friends/skivvies and enjoy some swashbuckling adventures on the seven seas together. Ubisoft has just released something similar with Skull & Bones but Sea of Thieves has a massive pre-existing community and focus on fun. 

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