The 10th generation iPad looks like it's going to be a significant upgrade

New looks, new camera, new connector and the end of the headphone jack

Apple Brompton Road Store, London
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The best iPad for people who don't need the power of the iPad Air is about to get a significant upgrade for 2022. The standard iPad, Apple's cheapest iPad, is apparently getting some key new features that'll bring it bang up to date.

According to MacRumors, the latest alleged schematics of the new iPad show some significant changes. There's a new iPhone-style raised camera module with what may be an LED flash and hopefully an improved camera too, a flatter design reminiscent of the iPad Air, and no headphone port. 

It's possible that that's just a limitation in the rendered images – third-party renders don't necessarily include every single port if they're not required by the firm making them – but the headphone jack's an endangered species in Apple-land, and it's entirely possible that Apple expects you to use its AirPods instead of wired headphones from now on.

Another missing item is the expected USB-C port. Again, that seems like an omission from the render: it's highly likely that Apple will go for USB-C as it's doing with the rest of its hardware.

What to expect from the 10th generation iPad 2022

We're expecting the updated entry-level iPad to make an appearance in the fall/autumn, most likely in a separate event to the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 launch. The display is expected to be the same 10.2-inch size as the current model, but the processor should be upped to the A14 we saw in the fourth-gen iPad Air and the iPhone 12. It's not as fast as the M1 in the current iPad Air, but it's still fast and smooth enough to be a welcome upgrade over the current A13.

I'm hoping the current economic situation isn't going to bump up the cost of UK iPads: at £319 for a 64GB Wi-Fi model, the basic iPad delivers real value for money, and given that absolutely everything is getting more expensive, it's possible that we'll see Apple kit go up in price too this year. Apple does offer 0% APR finance over 24 months to soften the blow, and while that's labelled as a limited-time offer it seems likely that Apple will continue to offer it on the 2022 model.

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