Tesla owners could get a massive iPhone upgrade soon

It's not the Apple software we wanted, but it might just be the next best thing

Tesla Roadster
(Image credit: Tesla)

Tesla unquestionably make some of the best EVs on the market right now. The electric vehicle manufacturer – owned by Elon Musk – is among the most popular choice for those wanting an electric car.

When it comes to their in-car operating system, Tesla are also ahead of the pack. Some believe the Tesla OS is the best on the market. The downside to that is that users can't use more common systems, like Apple CarPlay.

But they might be about to get the next best thing. According to 9to5Mac, the latest version of Tesla's iPhone app contains a line of code paying reference to AirPlay. The code, which reads "AllowsAirPlayForMediaPlayback" should enable iPhone users to cast media directly from their phone to their car.

The report suggests that the feature isn't active yet, but its inclusion is a promising sign. Musk has previously suggested that it could become a feature, along with other improvements to the audio engineering in Tesla vehicles. This is the first concrete indication of the company coming good on that, though.

It's a decent upgrade. AirPlay connectivity would enable the driver or passengers to share media, without using Bluetooth. That means you could enjoy lossless audio, rather than the compressed signal employed over a Bluetooth connection.

That's only ever going to be a plus. Audiophiles can rejoice in higher sound quality, while also enjoying a more seamless streaming experience.

There's no confirmation of when the feature will go live at the moment. This appearance should give users renewed hope though. It's entirely plausible that the functionality could arrive before the end of the year.

It's not the only thing the brand have been busy working on lately. We've recently seen the long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck nipping around San Francisco in a cool camo wrap. There was also talk of a rumoured Tesla Model 2, which Musk appeared to tease in a shareholder meeting. Plus, the CEO has given updates on the Tesla Roadster, which is expected to arrive sometime next year.

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