T3 Hype: best tech released this week; PS VR headstand, Motorolo VerveOnes Music Edition, Loewe Klang 5 speaker and more

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This week we have PS VR headstand, Motorolo VerveOnes Music Edition, Loewe Klang 5 speaker and more.

PS VR headstand

If you’ve bought or are thinking about getting PlayStation VR then you need this. It’s a head thingy - creepy looking normally, sure - but ideal for holding your virtual reality headset.

After some button bashing just bosh the headset on this and you won’t have to worry about damage or lens scratching. Just don’t leave the £30 stand near your bedside if you want to avoid a scary wake-up.

PlayStation VR official headstand revealed

Motorola VerveOnes Music Edition

Motorola is taking on the wireless Apple AirPods with its latest in-earphones dubbed VerveOnes Music Edition.

These beauties come with rubbersied buds for a comfy fit, a battery case for 8-hours use on a charge and AI voice controls. All that is pretty good for the £150 price.

Motorola VerveOnes Music Edition is here to take on Apple AirPod

MTS Multi Threat Shield

Yes, it’s what you intrepid crime fighters have been waiting for, a briefcase style shield that folds-out into a bulletproof defence.

The MTS Multi Threat Shield can take a .44 Magnum bullet, be stabbed and even a bat impact. It sits folded and with the flick of a wrist pops out into the full shield - perfect for police and anyone out for a late night snack in areas they shouldn’t be loitering

The Savior will save ya. At last, a laptop bag that's entirely bulletproof, stab-proof and punch resistant!

Loewe Klang 5

This might sound like a bad guy from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but it’s actually a set of compact wireless speakers.

Klang 5 offers aluminium builds with five drive units and four amplifiers for powerful, balanced sound. A pair will set you back £3,490 and the Klang 5 subwoofer is £1,390.

Loewe's brand new klang 5 speakers bring the noise (and some serious sophistication)

Devolo GigaGate

This high-end Wi-Fi bridge will make sure you have 4K streaming level Wi-Fi all over your home, dead-spot free.

GigaGate connects to a router and uses its Satellite unit to pump out Wi-Fi elsewhere, all while being cheaper than the competition at £220. Ideal for gamers and large old houses.

Devolo GigaGate: 2 gigs per second, cheaper than Netgear Orbi