Super Mario turns 36 today – here's the series' top 10 games according to the internet

This list of the highest ranked Super Mario games will leave some gamers shocked

Super Mario 64
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If you remember playing the original Super Mario Bros. game then prepare to feel old, as today is the day that the series turns 36 years old.

That's right, the portly Italian plumber has been squeezing down pipes and taking out Goombas for over three and a half decades now, and during that time well over 20 games have been released in the series.

But, which games are highest rated by gamers?

Well, that's what new research has aimed to achieve, using advanced online rating scraping tech to create the most comprehensive list of top Super Mario games ever.

Here's the list in full:

Super Mario top games list

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The research that created this list was conducted by, who used the tech to scrape the internet for all ratings applied to all Super Mario games released since the original back in 1985.

As a result, the list above is the combined total, in numerical form, that gamers and critics online have officially ranked the Super Mario games.

Looking at the list, my opinion is that it is both entirely unsurprising and also guaranteed to rub some gamers up the wrong way, especially so when considering the ordering of the top 10.

I think most gamers would agree that Super Mario World deserves to be top, but from then on the ordering I am sure would differ consistently between gamers. I know some gamers who think Super Mario Galaxy is the best game in the series, for example, while others that will die on the gaming hill to defend Super Mario World 2:  Yoshi's Island as actually the best title in the series.

One thing is for sure, though, no matter which game you played from that list (Super Mario Run aside maybe) there's buckets of top gameplay to be enjoyed, and it is surely testament to Nintendo that it has produced so many top Super Mario games to date.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long, either, for the next major instalment in the series, with a sequel to the simply superb Super Mario Odyssey already slated to be incoming.

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