Spotify reveals browser-based music player

Get your music streaming fix on any computer

Spotify has today taken the wraps off the next advancement of the hugely popular music streaming service: A browser-based player.

Instead of having to download Spotify's desktop application to listen to, say, the new One Direction album, users can simply log in online to get their free music fix.

At first glance it seems nothing major is lost during the conversion from app to web, the layout is very similar; with a side-bar on the left giving you access to search, the what's new section, radio and your rigorously handpicked playlists.

A browser-based player has been top of the list for music streaming die-hards for some time now, with rumours of its existence dating back to September when the website TechCrunch revealed it was under development.

As with the desktop version, Spotify on the web will likely allow you a certain amount of free content every month or unlimited use by signing up to one of its generously priced plans.

The service may still be in the beta stages, so expect a few bugs, but it can easily be accessed through this link, then you can log in with either your Facebook details, or your current Spotify account.