Soundbar deal: Get 50% off LG soundbars when you buy an LG TV

With select LG TV purchases, you can get a premium LG soundbar for half price

LG TV and soundbar deals
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Soundbars are one of the best ways to get better audio and sound quality from your TV. For a deep, rich and immersive viewing experience, you should consider investing in a soundbar to complete your television setup.

One of the best TV and soundbar manufacturers, LG is currently running a great promotion where LG members can get 50% off on high quality soundbars when they buy an LG TV.

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If you’re on the lookout for a new TV, you can’t go wrong with a model from LG. LG TVs are packed with innovative features, patented technology and the screens offer detailed and colourful picture quality. To get the most out of your TV, combining it with an LG soundbar delivers crisp clear sound, perfect for your parties, movie nights or quiet nights in.

This deal is exclusive to LG members and is running on select LG TVs, including the OLED, QNED, UP81, UP80, UP77 and UP70 TV lines. These collections are some of the best LG TVs on the market today and range from 43-inches up to 75-inches.

While LG TVs are compatible with many different types and brands of soundbar, an LG-designed soundbar is the obvious choice to get the best out of both devices. The GX, G1, SP8YA, SP11RA and SN7Y models are included in this promotion.

All you need to take advantage of the offer is to sign up as an LG member, buy an LG TV and find the compatible soundbar – for example, the LG 55” G1 OLED TV matches with the LG Sound Bar 1 – and you can take 50% off at the checkout with an exclusive discount code.

LG TVs & soundbars: Get 50% off soundbars on select TVs

LG TVs & soundbars: Get 50% off soundbars on select TVs
For LG members, upgrade to a new LG TV and get an LG soundbar for half price. When you head to the website, make sure to check which TVs and soundbars are compatible with one another and read the T&Cs to find the code you need.

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