Get the cheapest deal on any Sonos speaker EVER. Also deals on One, Play 5, Playbar and Sub…

Refurbished, fully guaranteed, ideal for home cinema surround sound or expanding your multi-room empire

Best Sonos deals
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Sonos Play 1 (or Play:1 as Sonos calls it) is always the cheapest speaker in the Sonos multi-room and surround sound cannon, but if you can stomach the idea of official refurbed units it's now the cheapest any Sonos speaker has ever been, ever. There's also a very handy £40 off a Sonos One.

• Sonos Play:1 was £179, now £119

• Sonos One (gen 1) was £199, recently £179, now £159 

The Sonos One (gen 1) is identical to the £199 gen 2 in all respects apart from lacking Bluetooth for easier setup (it's specifically not for music playback – only the Sonos Move has that). It also has a slower processor but for all current applications that makes no material difference.

That isn't the half of it though. There are also savings on the Playbar soundbar, the more powerful Play 5 speaker and the bass-packin' Sub. All these deals are in the USA and the UK, just for once.

• Shop Sonos Refurbished speakers in the UK

• Shop Sonos Refurbished speakers in the USA – Ah, sorry USA these deals are all now listed as 'out of stock'. You can get 2x Sonos Play 5 speakers with $49 off and there is a similar double-pack deal on 2x Sonos One with $19 off.

Sonos Play:1 | Was £149 now £119 | Sonos certified refurbished stock | Save £30
The Play 1 remains a great entry-level speaker. How do we know this? Because Sonos told us the Sonos One and Sonos One SL were designed specifically to sound exactly like their older relative, just with smarter processors and a few more features. As it lacks Alexa, you could say a Play 1 is a the similarly AI-free Sonos One SL without Airplay 2, for £60/$60 less. You'd think there can't be that many refurbished units available – although that Playbar deal has been running for aeons now, so who knows. Even so, get a step on would be our advice.View Deal

What is Sonos Refurbished?

So what is a 'Sonos certified refurbished' Sonos Play 1, Play 5, Playbar or Sub? Most likely it's a return from a customer who changed their mind after buying, or a loan to a journalist. 

But all you really need to know is that there's a 100-day no-quibble return policy and a two-year warranty, and whoever had it before almost certainly didn't sneeze on it. Sonos probably disinfects them during the refurb process anyway.