Sonos home cinema speaker with Alexa IS coming June 6

Yesterday Sonos Base was just a square on a napkin, today it is all but announced, will be here next month

Sonos Base with Alexa

It seems like only yesterday that Sonos Base was a very very basic sketch on a regulatory filing, with a name that I basically guessed (Sonos Play One became Sonos One; logically Sonos Playbase would become Sonos Base).

And the reason it seems like only yesterday is that it was.

This is what Sonos Base will look like (very roughly)

This is the 'sketch', if you can call it that, from the FCC filing. The only reason I think it's the Sonos Base (a squarer device that sits under your telly) and not the Sonos Bar (previously known as the Sonos Playbar; a soundbar that sits in front of or below your telly) is that the feeble schematic is square rather than rectangular.

Well today, Sonos sent out this invite to an event on June 6.

So pretty obviously what Sonos is saying is, "Ditch these TV, Blu-ray, set-top box, etc, remotes and talk to Alexa on your new Sonos Base or Sonos Play. Because Sonos Base/Sonos Bar will include HDMI it will then be able to communicate with all your AV gadgetry and you need never touch another button again as long as you live."

Too easy. Remember when tech launch invites used to be cryptic? 

Alexa control of the new device seems like a given, but the sheer number of remotes in the image suggests Alexa and/or Sonos will then control your other AV devices – volume, standby, play and pause; it's quite easily done over HDMI, in theory.

We shall find out for sure on June 6.