Sky Q just got this amazing Disney Plus upgrade

If you're a Sky Q user then you'll already have access to this ace new Disney Plus feature

Sky Q voice search Disney Plus
(Image credit: Sky Q | Disney+)

Sky Q is inching ever forwards toward the ideal TV platform, with regular feature updates evolving the service in really great ways. Indeed, just look at how Sky Q now not only delivers access to Sky's own astonishing content suites, but also those of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus.

And, speaking of Disney Plus, Sky Q has just got even better for Disney Plus subscribers as it has just enabled integrated Disney Plus voice search into the Sky Q user interface.

That means that from now you can directly voice search for Disney Plus shows with the Sky Q voice remote system, rather than having to open the app and then search via text input.

This is a game-changer for those with a Disney Plus subscription and Sky Q, as it removes yet another barrier to finding the content a user has access too, making it easier and quicker to get to the shows or movies they want to watch.

Speaking on the announcement, Sky said that:

"Over the next month, movies and series from Disney+, will begin to appear in broader voice and text searches on Sky Q.  Simply search for Disney+ exclusives, such as Disney and Pixar’s Soul, or TV mega-hits like Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Star Wars’ The Mandalorian using your Sky Q voice remote to land on a dedicated Show Centre, your go-to for every available episode in one place. By just using your voice, you will be able to search for your favourite entertainment from Disney+ alongside the best of Sky, making it easier to find the content you love on Sky Q, without even having to search in the app."

Sky Q voice search Disney Plus

Sky subscribers can now search for Disney Plus shows with their voice directly through the Sky Q user interface.

(Image credit: Sky | Disney+)

Here at T3, as we've written about recently, we think that Sky Q has now evolved into the ultimate TV platform, offering a comprehensive entertainment hub that seamlessly links together the now diverse array of subscribable content libraries under one user interface.

Now, instead of users having to keep switching hardware to access a specific content library, or even have to navigate to and then open an app to access it, now content is accessible straight through the Sky UI, meaning maximum ease for the viewer.

As we mentioned in our Sky Q review, the fact that the TV package can now even be picked up bundled with Netflix shows the way the wind is blowing, and we can easily envisage a period soon where bundle deals will be available that include Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video, too. Heck, we may even see Paramount Plus offered up as well.

As we mentioned in our Disney Plus review, the service delivers "out of this world content", so now the fact that that content can be accessed via voice search is something that Sky deserves a big hat tip for.

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