Silver Cross Smart Stroll is a wireless air quality monitor and route tracker for your pushchair

For environmentally-conscious parents...

Silver Cross Smart Stroll
(Image credit: Silvercross)

Silver Cross has just introduced Smart Stroll, a wireless air quality monitor and route tracker which has been designed to increase parent wellbeing and enable smarter strolls with your little ones.

Silver Cross is known for its beautiful range of luxury and stylish pushchairs, and this could be the ultimate techy add-on for them. Smart Stroll simply attaches to the pushchair with a simple magnetic design, connects to a phone and monitors the surrounding area where a parent or caregiver is walking. 

Research shows 93-percent of children live in areas where pollution exceeds WHO guidelines, so if a parent is walking into an area with poor air quality, the Smart Stroll will send an alert to the Silver Cross mobile app – helping you find a cleaner and healthier route.

The Smart Stroll also features a route tracker, allowing parents who love to get out and about on a more frequent basis the option to plan, save, share and track their routes using the connected app. 

According to Silver Cross, more than half of parents with babies and small children feel lonely, owners of the Smart Stroll can also connect with other parents and caregivers through the Silver Cross app – sharing photos and commenting on each other’s daily strolls.

One final trick up the  Smart Stroll's sleeve is a temperature monitor, which will alert parents to temperatures which can start to become uncomfortable and dangerous for babies. As babies are less able to regulate their body temperature, this feature should bring important peace of mind to first-time parents.

The Smart Stroll is available to buy now from John Lewis and is priced at £99.

If you don't own a Silver Cross stroller but still want these features then don't worry - the Smart Stroll is compatible with all brands of pushchairs (such as those featured in our best travel stroller guide).

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