Should I buy Tefal ActiFry Original Plus air fryer?

Yep, eat better for less with this low-price Tefal ActiFry Original Plus with Snacking Tray GH847040 in white

Tefal ActiFry Original Plus
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If you love your food but want to eat healthier too then the Tefal ActiFry Original Plus is a must-have gadget. This model is a big seller and it’s easy to see why thanks to its clever design. What’s more, you can get it for a brilliant price with lots of discounts for it doing the rounds. Of course, that’s not to say we might not see further discounting come Black Friday deals day, but as it stands the Tefal ActiFry Original Plus is superb value.

Features? It comes packed to the hilt with ‘em, especially considering it’s small in size. That includes an advanced timer system that helps you get your meal over the line without tears. The highlight of the appliance is its ability to quickly and easily cook such a wide range of meals, and the free downloadable MyActiFry app offers up oodles of inspiration too. Of course, cooking things like crispy chips is a given, but it handles that task in a much healthier way using miserly amounts of oil. That's why it’s an air fryer see?

Tefal ActiFry Original Plus £99.99 | Was £159.99 | Save £60 at Very

Tefal ActiFry Original Plus £99.99 | Was £159.99 | Save £60 at Very

This little beauty doesn't just do brilliant chips mind, as it can also be used to produce everything from killer curries through to sizzling stir fries. The Dual Motion specification is such that the machine can circulate hot air in an incredibly efficient way. What that results in is really well cooked food, but without the unhealthy aspect of excessive oil and grease. The Tefal ActiFry can tackle a diverse selection of meals too, including meat or veg dishes and slow-cook casseroles. We might love it for the chips, but its 1.2kg cooking capacity means it can dole out so much more than platefuls of admittedly superb French fries.

3 reasons to buy the Tefal ActiFry Original Plus air fryer

•  Super healthy cooking

•  Cooks all kinds of meals

•  Generous capacity

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