Samsung's stunning Frame TV is getting better with custom designs

You can now customise the Samsung Frame TV with different bezel colours and design, making it match your decor perfectly

Samsung Frame TV with bevelled frame in Terracotta, wall-mounted in stylish living room
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has just unveiled a great new option for those in the UK who buy its stylish 2021 Frame TVs: the Frame Bezel store, where you can choose a new replacement bezel for your TV, with the options for different colours and even a slightly different design than the bezel you get out of the box. The new bezels attach magnetically, so it's an easy swap to do yourself at home.

When I talk about the bezel, I'm not talking about the white section around the screen – that will remain white, unless you get creative with your nail polish or something.

We're talking about the actual frame part of the Frame TVs, surrounding the white part. When you buy from Samsung, you get a black frame only – which looks really nice, and is pretty neutral, but if you visit you can buy replacements for it, in a big range of colours.

Go bold with Yellow or Ruby Red, get a splash of pastel style from Pink or Italian Vine, or keep it neutral with Platinum or Sahara Sand. Depending on your model, there are up to 17 colours available, in three tiers: Standard, Premium and Deluxe. It's not entire clear what the difference between Premium and Deluxe is, other than Premium costs more than Standard, and Deluxe costs more than Premium.

More colours are promised – Samsung says there'll be over 40 colours "in due course", which is a little vague, but actually the selection that's there is pretty fetching, in my opinion.

For the the 55 and 65-inch version, you can also get the frame in a bevelled design, so instead of the flat front, you get a little extra angle pizazz. That's only available in Terracotta and White finishes, though. You can see it in Terracotta in the image at the top of the article.

Samsung Frame TV store screengrab, showing the 32-inch TV with a gold frame

(Image credit: Samsung)

Finally, some personal style to TVs

The reason I'm so keen on this new Frame store is that the design of the best TVs these days is so focused on being as minimal in invisible (when turned on) as possible, that few try to be great-looking objects in their own right.

The why the Samsung Frame TVs have been so popular already – they're not some portal of sheer blackness in the room, but actually an object you can look at, and even admire. And now you can do that in a stylish complimentary colour.

It's a shame that these only work with the 2021 Frame TVs, and that those already with a Frame can't update with a new look, but at least if you buy today you can make the TV more your own.

The new bezels are available to pre-order now, and will ship in a few weeks.

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