Samsung’s new stretchable display is the future face of robots

This new OLED tech bends in multiple directions for all sorts of uses

When it comes to displays Samsung is a tough company to beat and at this year’s Display Week it has stolen the show with a new stretchable OLED screen.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking, we’ve already got flexible displays like that including the curved round the sides of the Galaxy S8 edge phone. But stretchable is different as it can bend in more than one direction. That means you can push it in or pull it out and it will flex then bounce back into position. So why is this good?

The applications of a screen that can flex this much are huge with wearables, smart clothes, self-driving cars, internet of things and even new phone types all in line to use the tech. But possibly coolest is the idea of using this for the faces of robots. 

Imagine a face with all the contours of a human but with skin that can change and adapt as the face underneath moves. We also like the idea of clothes that can display health data, ideal for the gym but even better for hospital patients.

The Samsung stretchable display on show is a 1.9-inch OLED that is able to stretch a hefty 12mm when pressed in. This is the prototype but expect to see this technology appear in products in the near future.

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via CNET

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