Samsung's 105-in curved 4K tele is up for pre-order at £70,000

Perfect for oligarchs and oil barons everywhere...

Sammy's frankly insane curved TV looks to guzzle up your living room space and your bank balance, but hey, it's 4K!

Samsung's finally stuck a price-tag on its 105-in 4K ultra-HD curved TV, and it ain't pretty folks - the initial mark-up is $120,000, or £70,289 in sterling.

To put that mind-boggling R.R.P in perspective, you're effectively paying just short of £670 per diameter inch for Sammy's premium bendy tele.

Samsung announced the TV at CES 2014, touting the device as 'the world's most curved' UHD screen, although pre-orders have only just opened.

The display boasts an incredible 11-million pixels, giving it a retina-tingling resolution of 5120 x 2160. It's extreme size also means it sports the frankly oddball aspect ratio of 21:9.

The delightfully named UN105S9 uses auto depth enhancing tech to adjust contrast for a greater sense of depth, and can scan footage and adjust brightness to deliver deeper darks and brighter whites. It's the least you'd expect, considering.

It also features UHD upscaling, meaning you can drag any TV show or movie kicking and screaming upwards to glorious faux-4K resolution.

If 105-in is too much display to handle, there's also the added option of breaking down the on-screen image into four separate quadrants that can perform their own separate tasks simultaneously.

And lest we forget, it's also a smart TV which means you'll have access to the standard apps, wireless connectivity, and 3D footage. Naturally.

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