How much do us Brits actually use tech? Samsung tells all

The firm's latest report focuses on the UK's technology trends

The average british household boasts 19 tech devices - how does your home compare?

A new report from Samsung, dubbed the 2014 Technomic Index, has revealed a smorgasbord of stats on the UK's tech habits.

According to the data, us Brits spend an average 6 hours and 45 minutes every day using tech outside of work, most of which is watching the tele with just over four hours a day dedicated to TV screens.

We also spend 2hrs 30 on the computer, just north of an hour on our cellulars, and further two hours with domestic appliances. This adds up to over the average daily total, but remember that some devices are used simultaneously, i.e. someone could be watching TV and also playing on their phone.

While it might seem like a long time on tech each day, the figure isn't actually that high, coming in at 13% less than the European average of 7 hours and 42 minutes each day.

Spain topped the daily tech time chart with an impressive 8 hours 48 minutes spent using tech daily.

"Samsung is a brand with a passion for innovation and we focus on developing technologies that make people's lives easier," says Russel Taylor, VP of Corporate Marketing at Samsung UK, in response to the findings.

"We are investing heavily in research to look beyond product behaviour and discover people's future needs, including ways of enhancing how our numerous devices interact to improve people's lives."

The report also revealed how much Britons spent on tech over the past three months, with the average UK household racking up £218 in gadget bills over that period.

Again, this figure comes in below the European average with our continental comrades spending £291 over the last three months. This time the technophile crown goes to Italy, with the average household throwing down £444.

Samsung also noted that UK households typically have around 19 tech devices, and that 2/3 of Brits use their blowers to access apps, with games and entertainment being the most popular choice for mobile software.

The love of apps has also led to a rise in tablet ownership, with 38% of British households now owning at least one tablet. Good news for slate-selling Samsung, we'd say. Interestingly, 1/5 people who bought tablets described the purchase as 'a treat to themselves.' How selfless, Britain.