Samsung Galaxy S9 reveal date looks earlier than expected

Get ready to bring in the new year with a fresh flagship phone

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Samsung wasn’t expected to announce its new flagship smartphone until later in 2018, as it usually does, however it appears to be coming soon.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was released in mid-April but sources claim that won’t become a pattern. According to Bloomberg, Samsung plans to unveil its next-gen Galaxy S9 at an event in February 2018. As if that wasn’t exciting enough it should also actually release the phone as on-sale from March.

While that early release date is exciting, especially for those with contracts due for renewal then, it may not be set in stone. The source does point out that while Samsung is targeting those launch and release dates it hasn’t got them super solid, referring to them as “still fluid”.

However, with smartphones generally revealed and released later in the year this would give the company a chance to get ahead of the competition. It would also help set it up as the leader in the flagship phone market as the S9 will surely have all the latest tech.

One reason Samsung may wish to hurry the S9 out early is to release the fingerprint under the screen tech that’s been chased for some time now. Both Apple and Samsung were rumoured to have phones with the tech so as to offer even more screen to body ratio - but both failed to get it to market in 2018. Now smartphone manufacturer Vivo claims to have a phone coming soon with exactly that technology. The race is on.

If Samsung does reveal the Galaxy S9 in February it may chose to do so at the Mobile World Congress 2018 press event which runs from 26 February 2018.