Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus: two important specs just got confirmed

A new datasheet leak from China confirms the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus is on the way with 5G and fast charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
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We knew the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was going to come in at least two different sizes. The Korean smartphone manufacturer's flagship S20 series boasts three different handsets, and even the forthcoming iPhone 12 series is set to have four different phones: the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro and both phones' "Max" variants. 

Last year's Note 10 series included the base model and a larger Note 10 Plus. Now, a new Chinese certification datasheet leak shows the Galaxy Note 20 Plus is very much in development, although it's looking unlikely there will be a third model in the series.

Spotted by news outlet MyFixGuide, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus model number SM-N9860 has appeared on a sheet in the database of the China Compulsory Certification, an agency which Samsung would need to register the phone with before it can be sold in China. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus had a very similar model number, and according to MyFixGuide, model numbers beginning with SM-N is the designation for all Note devices.

Check out the sheet's listing below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

(Image credit: China Compulsory Certification)

The Galaxy Note 20 Plus is listed on this datasheet as possessing 5G capabilities and 25W fast charging, with support for up to 45W charging. No surprises here: as we move forward into 2020, we can expect all new top-end handsets to be packing 5G. 

Even the iPhone 12, with four different models available, will be 5G, although the "Pro" models will be true mmWave 5G while the base models will be sub-6Hz. While sub-6Hz is an improvement over 4G, it prevents the phones accessing the full power and speed of the next-generation network. 

It's not clear which bands of 5G the Note 20 Plus will access, although we're expecting it to be mmWave, which the premium iPhones have access to. As Samsung's high-end premium model, we would expect no less.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus render

Onleaks and Pigtou's render of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus

(Image credit: Onleaks/Pigtou)

Other features we're expecting the Note 20 to arrive with include the redesigned S Pen, Samsung's state-of-the-art stylus. The current design not only translates handwriting into text and acts as a traditional tablet-focused stylus, but also has a button that can be used to control the phone remotely, whether skipping to a new music track, snapping a photo or changing slides during a big presentation. We can't wait to see what new features are included. 

A 6.9" screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset and a massive 4,500mAh battery are also expected to feature on the handset. Said to be unveiled this summer, more information about the Note 20 won't be far away. 

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