Samsung Galaxy Buds2 fall to lowest price yet, just in time for Christmas

These true wireless earbuds are a no-brainer for Samsung Galaxy phone users

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Black Friday deal
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If you're planning on trying to save money on top-rated tech then it's worth keeping your eyes peeled on the runup to Christmas, because there are some great deals to be found across the web. 

Every year some of the most worthwhile discounts happen at this time, particularly when it comes to headphones, and we've already seen a few that are too good to miss, whether you're after in-ears or over-ears.

For Samsung Galaxy users, this deal in the Currys sale is by far the best, offering the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 at their lowest-ever price - just £79 - that's a whopping £60 cheaper than usual.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2: was £139 now £79 at Currys

Samsung Galaxy Buds2: was £139 now £79 at Currys
Save more than 40% on the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 at Currys. They work seamlessly with other Samsung Galaxy devices so these are an obvious choice if you own one of their phones, tablets or watches.

Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds2

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are a pair of noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds made to be used with their other kit like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra or the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Of course, you can use them with any Android or iOS phone or tablet but you will miss out on a few features if you do. Firstly, you can add a handy widget to your Galaxy phone's home screen to control them. And if you own a Galaxy Watch, you'll be able to switch between the ANC modes more easily from there. 

Another handy Galaxy-specific feature is the ability to switch the sound between your devices really quickly and easily, so if you're listening to a video on your tablet and you get a call on your phone, there's no finicky manual switching between the two because it happens automatically when you answer.

There are lots of reasons to buy these over another pair of the best true wireless earbuds, but one of the more obvious reasons is the design. These rounded buds look a little different to the rest of the TWS crowd which more often than not look like Apple AirPod Pro copycats. You can buy them in a few standout colours as well including green and lilac as well as a more standard white and black. 

When it comes to sound quality, you won't be completely blown away by these but you should be perfectly happy with them especially given how little you'd be spending. In our Samsung Galaxy Buds2 review, I found the sound to have a nice panning effect which means the music is directed in a way that makes it feel like you're in the room listening live. 

The noise-cancelling is a big perk here too because it does such a good job at keeping outside noise out and your music in. You feel really immersed in each track without many distractions from the outside world. 

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