Quick Hit: This turntable is a biker's dream

Motorbikes and music

Triumph may be better known for making motorbikes than music, but that hasn't stopped the iconic British manufacturer from creating its own record and turntable, inspired by the rock ‘n’ roll heritage of its bikes.

The record deck, made in conjunction with legendary British maker, Rega, takes its inspiration directly from the brand's Street Cup model, which is a modern-day street racer harking back to the café racer machines of the 1960s.

The turntable features a drawing of the Street Cup, and is finished with the bike's signature Racing Yellow paint colour.

Rega’s turntable is fitted with a hand-assembled, precision-built RB110 tonearm, a low-vibration, low-noise 24v motor assembly driving a precision bearing and 10mm float glass platter fitted with a custom-printed plinth and mat.

In layman's terms, that means it should sound very good (as long as you have a decent pair of speakers to play it trough as well).

The vinyl album, pressed by Triumph music partner Flying Vinyl, is entitled ‘Racing the Record’. 

It's a tribute to the 1960s café racer culture, where a race would select a record on a café’s jukebox and race to a predetermined point and back before the song had ended.

It'll feature 10 up-and-coming British rock bands to submit two tracks each for the special edition album, 

Only two record players will be made (you can win one on Triumphs Facebook page) and 500 records are being made.

Both the turntable and vinyl album will make their public debuts on August 29, at London’s The Bike Shed. 

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