PSVR 2 suddenly sounds like an instant pre-order

I've just added PSVR 2 to my pre-order shopping cart

PSVR 2 virtual reality gaming headset next to Aloy
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Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I was freaking out about the PSVR 2.

I was worried as Sony had just gone and officially announced the PSVR 2 price and launch date, as well as a series of titles that were getting a day-one release. And, simply put, I questioned where the PSVR 2's killer launch title was.

Sure, there were some interesting-looking games, I noted, but nothing that really grabbed you by the delicates and shouted this is why you need a PSVR 2!

That lack of a killer launch title, though, looks to have just changed dramatically, with Guerrilla Games officially announcing on its website that Horizon Call of the Mountain is going to be a day-one PSVR 2 launch title.

"Horizon Call of the Mountain, created exclusively for PlayStation VR2, is launching on 22 February 2023," states Guerrilla Games.

And, in my opinion, that is huge news for PSVR 2. Suddenly we have that major IP launch title that I feel the headset needs to sell quickly out of the gate, and selling quickly is what Sony's next-gen VR gaming hardware needs to build early momentum and gather more software support – something crucial to its overall success.

The original PSVR suffered from a lack of major IPs producing titles for it, and while there absolutely was a good library of VR games and experiences to play on the hardware, in the end serious momentum was never built, and the platform kind of fizzled out.

So thank goodness Horizon is on the PSVR 2 horizon

Horizon Call of the Mountain is the virtual reality follow-up title to Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, and will let PSVR 2 gamers "step into the shoes (and put on the gloves) of Ryas, a former Shadow Carja Warrior searching for redemption".

Here's the official new trailer that accompanied the day-one launch date reveal.

Now, I don't know about you, but to me that looks like a ton of very spectacular VR fun, and an experience that will let me and many other PS5 gamers jump into the interesting world of Horizon in a way we've never seen before.

The idea of being completely immersed in the world of Horizon, with the PSVR 2's twin OLED screens, 3D audio, and best-in-the-world haptic feedback, sounds incredible and could be a landmark moment for VR gaming on PlayStation.

I'm suddenly excited for PSVR 2 like I haven't been to date, and especially to pick up the VR gaming headset on day one by lodging my pre-order, something that I have now registered to do.

Want to know how you too can register to lodge your PSVR 2 pre-order? Then head on over to Sony's official website now, sign in with your PlayStation account, and then click the 'register now' button.

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