PS5 restock: here's why I'm checking ShopTo for stock today

PlayStation 5 restock patterns suggest an imminent drop

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It's been an up and down week for sales of PlayStation 5 consoles but a new opportunity may present itself later today. Online UK retailer ShopTo looks to be next in line to have a restock, so make sure to check-in for any drops throughout the day. 

Check PS5 stock at ShopTo now 

While the week of Black Friday started off really strong – featuring drops from Sony, BT, EE and more – it sadly trailed off when it came to the main event itself. The only retailer we found with PS5 stock up for grabs on the say was Marks Electrical of all places, which allowed anyone exclusive access to buy a console after purchasing a Sony TV. Not the cheapest of options by any stretch of the imagination. 

That's why I'm hoping ShopTo will come to the rescue, saving whatever is left of Black Friday. The store always has restocks on a weekend with its last two taking place on November 7th and October 31st, respectively – hence, the thinking behind a drop taking place today. Additionally, it's backed up by the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account, which has proven itself to be hugely reliable, 

The last restock had queues exceeding 14,000 people, according to comments online. Many still came away with a console successful, however. It was made up of disc, digital and various bundles with either Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Back 4 Blood, or Immortals Fenyx Rising being packaged. 

To be in with the best chance of taking one home, it's always smart to go for bundles. Try to avoid Spider-Man where possible too, as the Insomniac developed title normally sells out the fastest. If you want it, pick it up separately. It's also worth being aware that ShopTo restocks are by no means the biggest on the web, usually lasting anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. Still, it could be your lucky day.

Looking to the week ahead, GAME has now updated its delivery dates across its website, signalling a restock from Cyber Monday onwards. The retailer always has tons of stock, so don't miss out on that one. For everything else, make sure to check in on the official T3 restock tracker

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