PS4 still tops June sales despite Xbox One comeback

Remains best-selling US console for six month straight, according to NPD figures

Just when we thought Microsoft's Kinect-less Xbox One was going to give Sony a run for its money, the PS4 goes and tops US console sales...again.

Despite Microsoft Xbox One sales 'doubling' since the company began selling cheaper bundles without Kinect, Sony's PS4 is still leading the console race.

Figures provided by the NPD Group reveal that the PS4 was the top-selling home console of June, a title that the console has now held for six months.

Senior Vice President of PlayStation brand marketing, Guy Longworth, responded via Twitter about the NPD figures: “Just trying to bring best games to our fans.”

Longworth also responded to questions from Twitter users, revealing that the PS4 was also number one for next-gen software sales claiming two of the top three titles.

He also stated that PlayStation led home console hardware sales in June, with PS4 and PS3 numbers combined.

However the underdog that is the Nintendo Wii U has also come out strong in June sales following the release of Mario Kart 8.

Nintendo revealed that sales of the console in June went up by 48 per cent year on year with software sales rising at even greater margins.

The Nintendo 3DS also had a good month in June with its hardware sales up by more than 55 per cent over May.

Microsoft is probably regretting its pre-emptive Xbox One sales boast right about now as it seems the PS4 isn't going to move from the number one spot any time soon.

Via Engadget