Premier Inn's new app lets you control your hotel room

Get your tech on all night long...

A travelling gadgeteers dream stop-over spot...

Premier Inn has opened up bookings for its Hub tech hotel concept, although you need to go through the dedicated app to sign up.

The flagship branch at Covent Garden is Premier Inn's testing ground for a new type of tech-laden hotel experience.

The Hub app allows would-be guests to check availability and book a room, although the hotel won't actually open until November.

Once they're inside, the app then allows guests to control lighting, temperature, TV channels, and more.

It also offers up carefully edited local area guides, and features AR tech that lets you put a map of the city on a wall to discover local hotspots.

Simon Ewins, Business Development Director at Premier Inn, says the new system allows guests to be 'in total control of their own experience.'

"Apps are already revolutuionising the way we order our groceries, book taxis, and check-in at airports - it was only a matter of time before the hotel experience followed suit," explains Ewins.

"With hub by Premier Inn, we believe we've created a first-class technology-enhanced hotel experience, without compromising price, style, or comfort."

Say hello to the future...

Aside from the app, Hub offers up a comparitively swish hotel experience in itself.

Every room comes stylishly designed, touting smart storage units, a 40-in smart TV, and free high-speed Wi-Fi.

There's also a 'first-class' pocket-sprung mattress and bedroom sound-proofing - 40 winks enthusiasts rejoice.

While the Covent Garden branch is the only one available right now, Premier Inn promises 11 more Hub locations within the next three years across London and Edinburgh - we're talking north of 2000 rooms.

The full list of London locations includes Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Rd, Tower Hill, Spitalfields, Kings Cross, Shoreditch, Bank, Farringdon, and Westminster.

Edinburgh's line-up is slightly less impressive, with the Scottish capital gaining two Hubs, namely on Rose Street and Caltongate, Royal Mile.

The hotel chain says it hopes to create 6500 hub rooms by 2018.