PlayStation 5 release date could be much sooner than you thought

Leak suggests roadmap to PS5 launch starts imminently

PS5 release date next playstation Sony

Despite what Sony Interactive Entertainment boss John Kodera said in the run up to E3 this year, that there would be no new PlayStation until 2021, T3 was first in calling that actually all information pointed toward a PS5 release date in 2019.

Reports and leaks seemed to indicate that Sony was actually running a covert operation to ambush Microsoft and its next Xbox, codenamed Scarlett, with a surprise PlayStation 5 launch in time for Christmas 2019, with happy gamers waking up on Xmas morning to play stunning, next-gen PS5 games.

And, excitingly, that theory just gained even more weight, with a new official job listing from Sony calling for a Senior Product Manager to “own the roadmap for next generation PlayStation campaign.”

An official job listing, posted up just over a year before the slated PS5 release date, advertising for an "entrepreneurial Product Lead" to help head up a "PlayStation campaign" and "translate Product Strategy into an executable roadmap"? Sounds awfully like Sony has a big new PlayStation campaign incoming, and soon, too.

To our mind here at, this is another piece of the PS5 puzzle slotting into place, and it is a development that points toward something big and new coming from Sony well before 2021. What would the bookies give you on that being the PS5?

We can't be more excited to get our hands on the PlayStation 5, with its next-generation gaming hardware and awesome backwards compatibility chops pointing towards a pixel-pushing powerhouse of a system that will not only smoke the Xbox One X, the most powerful console in the world right now, but also give Microsoft's Xbox Two plenty to worry about, too.

Via: VG247