Philips goes solar with A6219 self-charging sports headphones

Leads a trio of new wireless headphones models

Philips A6219 GO headphones
(Image credit: Philips / TP Vision)

Philips latest flagship sports headphones should never run out of battery life as you workout or run – as long as there's enough light indoors and out.

That's because the Philips A6219 GO sports headphones feature Powerfoyle solar-cell technology, so continually charge as you expose them to the sun or artificial light. Otherwise, they will last for 80 hours of playing time anyway.

The on-ear wireless headphones are also made from 35% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastics, while the packaging is made from 90-100% recycled cardboard.

In terms of hardware, the A6219 pair have IP55 certified water, sweat and dust proofing, plus breathable fabric covers on the ear cups to keep you comfortable on a run (for example).

There is a 40mm driver in each ear, with switchable dynamic bass boost functionality, and the sound profile has been tuned to match the brand's high-end Fidelio audio range. An AI-equipped microphone is also on board for video calls.

Philips A6219 GO headphones

(Image credit: Philips / TP Vision)

Also announced are the Philips A6709 Go open true wireless earbuds. These too are designed for workouts and sport use, but feature an open acoustic design to allow for the user to keep aware of their surroundings.

They are also IP55 certified, and sport precision ports to direct the sound from the drivers into the ear canal, while also allowing for ambient sound to be heard.

Battery life is claimed to be 7-hours in the buds themselves with a further 21 hours in the included charging case. Fast charging allows for an hour of playback time after just 15-minutes on charge.

There are two AI-enable microphones on the A6709 buds for voice calling.

Finally, a wireless headphones model has been launched for those who prefer to listen to music and/or the TV at home.

The Philips H6509 features the brand's hybrid noise cancelling pro technology, plus new 40mm drivers – one in each ear.

They work with any Bluetooth-compatible source, but particularly well with Philips' new TVs that use the Titan OS smart platform. That's because there is an easy pair capability that the headphones and TV share – as soon as you bring the headset near to the television, a setup option with pop up on the screen.

Battery life for the Philips H650 is claimed to be up to 60-hours (40-hours with ANC switched on).

We're still awaiting available and pricing details for all the models. We'll update as and when we get more information.

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