Memory foam and bamboo mattress toppers from Panda can renew your mattress and help you sleep better

…And if you don’t agree after 30 nights, Panda will give you your money back

Panda mattress toppers

Everyone wants to get a better night’s sleep but not everyone wants the hassle and expense of buying a new mattress. However, there is another route to more Zzzz’s: a mattress topper. Nobody makes better or more sustainable mattress toppers than Panda, thanks to its use of bamboo and 3rd generation memory foam. It’s a much more cost-effective route to comfort than laying out – pun intended – on a new mattress.

We’ve already seen how Panda’s soft and luxurious bamboo bedding can help you sleep better, but the brand does much more than just sheets and duvets. Its mattress toppers offer a brilliant combination of support, temperature control and easy cleaning. Panda is committed to using sustainable resources and its mattress toppers are certified free from harmful substances.

Why memory foam is best for you

Panda mattress toppers

The Panda topper layers memory foam, cooling HydroFoam and a bamboo cover

Memory foam is used in most top-selling modern mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers because it’s incredibly supportive and comfortable, as well as being naturally hypoallergenic. Panda’s unique combination of layered memory foam, cooling Hydro-Foam and a removable bamboo fibre cover make their mattress topper uniquely soft and comfortable, yet incredibly supportive. Simply by putting it on top of your current mattress, you gain a remarkable improvement in support and comfort, which means a better night’s sleep

Panda’s comfortably supportive memory foam has been shown to help relieve hip and back pain, as it actually moulds to your body shape as you sleep. The way it swaddles and quite ‘firmly’ supports your head is very different to an old-style, sprung mattress. However, you will soon find you’re sleeping better and waking properly refreshed, free from aches and pains.

What is Hydro-Foam?

Panda mattress toppers: easy to fit and so comfortable and cooling…

Overheating at night is one of the most common causes of poor quality sleep. To combat that, the Panda mattress topper also includes a unique Hydro-Foam layer, infused with cooling gel. The temperature control that results from this combination of materials – bamboo, Hydro-Foam and memory foam – means that you’ll stay cool through the summer months, but also feel warm when winter returns.

Why bamboo?

Panda mattress toppers come in variants to fit mattresses from single all the way up to Emperor size

The other big difference with Panda mattress toppers is that, as with their bedding, material made from bamboo fibres is used in the topper’s removable and washable cover. Bamboo is an excellent temperature regulator, much better than cotton or man-made fibres. As you sleep, it helps maintain a restful temperature, preventing you from getting too hot in summer, or too cold in winter. It’s like witchcraft, basically.

The Panda promise

Panda mattress toppers: pricing is from £99.95 to £189.95

Made from 3rd-generation memory foam, cooling Hydro-Foam and bamboo, Panda’s mattress toppers is among the best-selling in the UK, and perhaps the most unique. 

Not only does it come with a 10-year guarantee, you also get the benefit of a 30-Night Trial alongside free UK delivery & returns if you’re anything but 100% satisfied. If you don’t have the best month’s sleep of your life, Panda will give you your money back.

• Shop Panda mattress toppers now, from £99.95

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