Orange and EAT give away free food

Customers with NFC phones can pick up free food

A new deal between network operator Orange and food outlet Eat mean those with Orange NFC phones can pick up free food and upgrades in store

Those with Orange NFC enabled phones will be able to get free baguettes, porridge, coffee and other free stuff from food outlet EAT.

Under the umbrella of the Quick Tap initiative, Orange customers will be able to get a free 'EAT treat' every day from early March until summer by tapping their handsets on specially tailored posters.

Upgrades – such as free mash and gravy with any pie – are also available.

Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer at Orange UK, said: “Last year we started a whole new movement in the way consumers make payments on the high street, and with Quick Tap Treats, we're continuing this with a new and innovative way for our customers to receive rewards for their loyalty. So whether it's a free coffee on the way into work, or a free baguette at lunchtime, you really do get more with you mobile on Orange."