OnePlus 7 Pro has a feature the iPhone XS, Galaxy S10, and Pixel 3 can't match

...and an A+ grade from DisplayMate to boot

OnePlus 7 90Hz Refresh Rate

OnePlus will launch its next smartphone range on May 14, 2019 at three ticketed events held simultaneously in New York, London, and Bangalore. Ahead of the launch, OnePlus has been whipping its fans into a frenzy by drip-feeding details about its forthcoming flagships, dubbed OnePlus 7, and OnePlus 7 Pro.

The latest tasty morsel revealed by the Shenzhen-based start-up confirms that the OLED panel on its OnePlus 7 Pro has earned a A+ grade from industry standard screen evaluation and calibration firm DisplayMate.

That's an impressive feat and puts the quality of the viewing experience on the OnePlus 7 Pro on par with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S10, iPhone XS Max, and Google Pixel 3 XL which also earned an A+ rating from DisplayMate. 

Except that, OnePlus has already confirmed that its display has a feature that none of these competitors can match. The OLED panel on the front of the pricier OnePlus 7 variant will have a refresh rate of 90Hz, which is the equivalent of 90 frames-per-second. That means animations, transitions and more will look much smoother than on displays with the more common 60Hz, like the Pixel 3 for example.

Given that Hollywood blockbusters run at 24 frames-per-second, the 90Hz panel should make animations more fluid. Apple debuted a similar feature, known as ProMotion, on its latest iPad Pro models. 

The system has a variable refresh rate to ensure it doesn't waste processing power by refreshing the screen at 120 frames-per-second when the iPad is displaying a static image. OnePlus will likely use a similar system so battery life isn't impacted.

This silky-smooth new display, with its A+ colour grading and brightness, is not cheap. In a recent interview with The Verge, OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau revealed the company is spending three times more for the OLED fitted to the OnePlus 7 Pro than the component used in any of its previous handsets. That hints at what kind of price hike we can expect for the Pro variant in the OnePlus 7 series.

DisplayMate will publish its full, in-depth report explaining why exactly it awarded the OnePlus 7 Pro its highest accolade on May 14, 2019 when the phone launches.

Elsewhere, OnePlus recently published a teaser video that showed the triple-camera set-up that will feature on the back of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Early OnePlus 7 Pro reviews suggest the Shenzhen-based company has made some dramatic leaps forward when it comes to the quality of its camera set-up.

T3 will be in the crowd at the OnePus launch event in London, bringing you all of the latest news as soon as it's announced on-stage. So, stay tuned for all the details.

Aaron Brown

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